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We recommend an annual inspection in order to keep your system operating efficiently and reduce the chances of failure during the hottest or coolest day of the year.

If the tips below help restore service, we highly recommend a maintenance visit to see if anything else needs attention. A slightly low refrigerant charge may cool but could be costing you on your electric bill. A blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker could be due to a weak capacitor or loose wire.


  • No air blowing in the house, A/C not running outside
  • Check to make sure your thermostat is set to cool and the set point is below the room temperature.
  • Check to make sure the furnace or air handler is plugged in.
  • Check circuit breaker- usually marked FAU or AH on the breaker panel cover. (you can plug a hair dryer into the same outlet to check power).
  • Replace batteries in the thermostat.
  • No air blowing in house, A/C is running outside
  • Check your air filter - if plugged you may have a frozen evaporator.
  • If the filter is clean and you hear the furnace running indoors then also check for closed registers - too little air flow will freeze a coil.
  • Look for signs of ice at the copper lines outdoors and indoors.
  • To defrost the coil, turn the system to off for 24 hours and correct the problem. Turn it back and hopefully you will have air until we can arrive and test the rest of the system.
  • Be prepared for water - when the ice melts it will surely make a mess.
  • Air is blowing in house, A/C is not running outside
  • Check your fuses and/or circuit breaker - usually marked A/C.
  • Fuses can be checked at your local hardware store. If you do not know where your fuses are then you probably should wait for a technician.
  • Always be safe around electricity and turn circuit breakers off before testing fuses.
  • Water leaking around furnace
  • Check your air filter, if plugged you may have frozen the evaporator (see above concerning freeze up).
  • Possible plugged condensate drain and worst case is a rusted out evaporator (generally after 10 years of use).
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